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If you discover a wasp nest on or near your property, the sensible thing to do is call our Basingstoke wasp nest removal service straight away. A nest can contain many thousands of these insects, and if you make them feel threatened in any way they could attack in large numbers. It’s always best to leave the danger to the experts.

Thanks to our combination of strong insecticide, long-reach equipment and many years of experience, we have been providing the finest wasp control solutions in Basingstoke for many years. Our principle is a simple one: offer world-class services for a fair and affordable price of just £75. This is why so many of our customers call us as soon as they have a problem.

We are available on a 24/7 basis, and in most cases we will come out to you on the day you call. We understand the fear that many of our customers feel when they first discover a nest, so we respond quickly and deal with the issue in an effective and decisive manner. We always understand the importance of peace of mind.

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 Wasps £75

Whether your nest is inside the property or outside, we will be able to get to it and treat it for just £75. After a short period of time, wasp activity will reduce dramatically and eventually will stop altogether. After that, you and your family, or you and your employees, will be able to return to normal life once again.

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Hornets £75

Less common than wasps but just as dangerous at times, hornets are larger than their cousins. Their nests tend to be larger than those for wasps, and we would highly recommend that you leave them to the specialists. We provide comprehensive hornet control in Basingstoke and across the region, so get in touch today.

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Honey & Bumble Bees

Like all pest controllers in the UK, we realise the importance of honey bees to our eco-system. If you have a colony of bees nearby, give us a call and let our specialists take things from there. We provide a number of potential options to encourage the bees away from your property without directly harming them.

Our Wasp Control Is Available In Basingstoke, Andover & Winchester 7 Days A Week!

If you have noticed a great deal more wasp activity in and around your home or business in recent weeks, it may be that you have a nest nearby. In the early summer nests tend to remain on the small side, but from August onwards they become significantly larger.

Our Wasp Control Basingstoke specialists will know where to look for the nest. Wasps will often construct nests in lofts, garages and outhouses, and outdoors they will usually choose trees and bushes, and sometimes disused rodent burrows. Thanks to our long-reach equipment, no nest is out of bounds for our experts.

We apply a strong insecticide to the access point for the nest, leaving the wasps to then transport it inside. It works very quickly, eradicating all wasps within a few hours, often less. It’s safe to use in home environments, although for safety reasons we ask you to keep children and pets away while we perform our duties.

Once the nest has become dormant, it will not be used by other wasps in the future. For this reason, we tend to leave the nest in place, although we can remove it for a small extra charge if you prefer.

No matter how large your nest might be, or how inaccessible it would appear, Wasp Nest Removal Basingstoke can help.

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